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To see more snarky answers, buy one of the Snarky books! The Snarky Responses to Yahoo! Answers series contains over 500 hilarious responses!


Comedian Matthew Cory wastes four months of his life answering questions on Yahoo! Answers with unhelpful but hilarious responses. This book is a collection of those responses.

From helping teenage girls determine what a smile means, to giving baby-naming advice to a parent-to-be, to helping a user who wants to know how to use his zipper, Matthew is quick with a sarcastic response or a clever quip. Every once in a while, Matthew will dispense advice that may actually be useful...but don't count on it.

Yahoo! Answers is one of the most popular websites on the Internet. The site generates millions of hits per day from users seeking answers from complete strangers to the burning questions of life, such as "Where did emimen grow up? the raper?" This book is required reading for anyone with a sense of humor, a functioning brain, and an Internet connection.

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